Can you believe that only a few years ago we had never heard of masking tape? Our enthusiasm for fun new products lead us to becoming the #1 masking Tape manufacturer in China! Perhaps it was our destiny to do so.we are very proud of the fact that the very first roll of masking tape in China came from our our Factory.

We began as an ordinary company manufacturing double sided tape. One day a foreign customer brought a roll of special tape into our show room and asked if we could make it for him. It was the first time any of us had ever seen masking tape - decorated colorful 'masking' tape. At first we thought it was an impossible mission based on our technology, but we took on the challenge, driven by our curiosity. 

Our engineer analyzed the sample that the customer left, over and over again. Our marketing team became very excited about marketing such a beautiful and colorful tape, knowing the global market for it would be huge. We started to dream about producing our own line of masking tapes. We experimented day and night, again and again, for over 3 months. We never lost hope that we could do it. Finally we solved all the problems and our factory began printing works of art on masking paper!

The customer who introduced us to masking tape came to see our first product sample. Even though the design was very simple, he was very enthusiastic and even whistled. He examined the tape, tried it out, and said to us excitedly "I finally find this tape in China!". Our masking tape improved steadily and the customer told us he never expected masking tape of such high quality, which in his opinion is even better than the Japanese version.

Today we supplies masking tape to the worlds biggest stationery companies. We are very proud of the "Made in China" label, and want to show the world the excellent quality of our products. We are constantly releasing new designs and patterns, with the hope of sending our brand masking tapes all over the planet. 

We believe you should stick to your dreams. We did. We hope you will join us!